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is a key factor in ensuring reliable food chains, and thus is a core pillar of Aphea.Bio's philosophy and full embedded in all aspects of our daily work.

Aphea.Bio is a research-driven company dedicated to offer alternative, more sustainable solutions for achieving food security without environmental damage. We are fully committed to the European Green Deal, aiming to create a sustainable and healthy food system based on the inventive mechanisms of nature itself.

By developing high-quality products to replace harmful chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, we provide efficient solutions to drive transition towards a sustainable agriculture, thus protecting biodiversity, ecosystem services and promoting soil health.

We walk the talk. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals Aphea.Bio has a solid ESG framework with strong values, policies, and processes. Our ESG impact committee guides us in our sustainability commitment, our Articles of Association reflect our ESG commitment.

Certified B Corporation

Aphea.Bio's B Corp certification is a testament to our commitment to balancing purpose and profit.

Isabel Vercauteren (CEO): "We are a proud member of the B Corp community. Our score of 94.5, well above 80 required for certification, reflects our genuine commitment to using business as a force for good, prioritizing positive impact alongside financial success."

Ecovadis Silver Medal

The Ecovadis assessment, a rating system for a sustainable business, helps us manage ESG risk and compliance, meet corporate sustainability goals, and drive impact at scale.

Inge Van Daele (ESG): "Achieving the silver medal in our first assessment confirms our full commitment to implementing sustainable business practices across the company."

Environmental impact as the core of our DNA

Agriculture is both a victim of and a contributor to climate change. By offering solutions that are not harmful to the environment and human health, Aphea.Bio enables an agricultural system where ecosystem services can be protected, biodiversity in agricultural landscapes can be increased and food security can be ensured.

Technology & Products

Our R&D platform APEXbio™ delivers next generation biological products based on the richness of the natural microbial world. Our first product on the market, ACTIV by Aphea.Bio®, has a proven positive environmental impact.

Environmental Impact

With its Ecostimuli project Aphea.Bio will design a novel set of indicators for soil health and biodiversity assessment. This will allow us to evaluate the environmental impact of microbial biostimulants, both on a local and global scale.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

We aim to perform a LCA for each individual product in our portfolio. Knowing how to measure our impact is key. Together with UGent, we'll develop an improved LCA method and Ecosystem Services Assessment (ESA).

Sustainability embedded in our daily work


"In our greenhouses, waste management is integrated into every step of the workflow."

Oliver Grunert, Program leader Biostimulant


"Prioritizing health and safety today ensures a safe and productive workspace tomorrow."

Mariana Gabovicova, HSE Manager


"We are deeply committed to our planet, and create long-term value for shareholders, employees, and society. Our governance structure reflects this."

Geert Bossuyt, CFO